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Every business wants to sell more on YouTube. The number is only exploding! With a little help from you, your customers will be able to build high authority channels that get the top amount of traffic in their niche.

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You Can Bring Ranking Opportunities To Local Businesses

You already know that SEO agencies make a lot of business form their clients for optimizing their YouTube channels. They dominate this business and you can’t get ahead of them if you have nothing new to offer.

Most of the SEO agencies are focused on Keywords, not authority. That’s why their success levels on YouTube are limited.

The opportunity is open for you to walk in get the real YouTube optimization going, and make the huge demand for traffic from local marketers.

All you need is Channel Authority Builder, and you can make any channel reach its potential.

Here’s How To Monetize Channel Authority Builder Without A Channel

If you can make a few calls, or reach out to a few businesses in your locality, or even online, you can create a recurring business stream for yourself. Just offer them the following value propositions.

  • Help them hijack the credibility of top YouTube channels in any niche.
  • Offer comparative analysis to your clients by monitoring their as well as competition’s channel rankings.
  • Help your clients plan and place their content in a way that gets maximum exposure, engagement and builds authority.
  • Leverage the successful dynamics of top channels and help your clients notch popularity and top rankings.

You know local marketers are too busy to invest their time and don’t have any clue how to build YouTube authority. If they can find a credible partner, they will happily get on board.

So be the first guy to leverage this comprehensive, result driven YouTube channel authority building system and charge anything from $150 to $500 a month from each customer!

" Optimizing multiple channels won’t take more than a few minutes every few days, and with just that much of work, you’ll be able to give their channels a measurable boost, and actual YouTube leads!

SEO agencies charge thousands of dollars a month for results like these!

All you need to do is just demo the results of Channel Authority Builder to your leads. Just show them what it does, and they will be completely sold to the idea of taking services from cause they’ve never seen anything like that earlier.

Snag just 10 customers, and you’ll have a growing business

If you had just 10 customers a month each, you have a revenue stream that counts for something.

If you’re already a service provider, you can enhance your fees, or give your customers a bigger value to work with you by getting Channel Authoirty Builder Agency version.

So take our advice, don’t sit on the fence. This can be a powerful standalone business for you.

Get Channel Authority Builder Agency and commit yourself to reaching out to at least 25 people this week (That’s 5 people a day)!

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