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Unlock the most powerful traffic source on YouTube which exceeds search by 800%.

Know what content to create to get maximum free organic views.

Appear on the YouTube video sidebars of popular videos, driving more organic traffic to your YouTube channel.

Ride on the popularity of top channels and videos by pilfering their traffic.

No more worrying about getting likes and comments and backlinks on your videos.

Do You Want To Get 20,000+ Views A Day?

This Is The Traffic We’ve Generated Using Channel Authority Builder’s Strategies

Our Users Love Channel
Authority Builder

This Is The Traffic We’ve Generated Using Channel Authority Builder’s Strategies

This is a great comment from our beta tester who absolutely loved Channel Authority Builder and what it does for them.

This is a great comment from our beta tester who absolutely loved Channel Authority Builder and what it does for them.

This is a great comment from our beta tester who absolutely loved Channel Authority Builder and what it does for them.

Time To Stop Running Unprofitable YouTube Channels & Surge Ahead Of Your Competition

Supercharge Your YouTube
Channel Profits With Channel
Authority Builder

  • Monitor traffic performance of any video or any channel on YouTube on a day-to-day basis.
  • Monitor channels for latest videos and identify top performing videos immediately.
  • Monitor video sidebar changes, and track which videos appear on your, or other people’s sidebars.
  • Find all the top channels in any niche so that you can target them
  • Discover tags and topics that are trending in your niche right now.
  • Monitor keywords and see how you rank against your competitors.

Hi YouTube Marketer,

There's no reason why you should be short selling your YouTube channels, when you created one to build a solid viewership and long sustaining profits.
People watch 5 billion videos every day on YouTube! That means there’s a vast ocean of viewers (traffic) out there, and not having enough traffic should be the last problem you have.

YouTube is Insanely Powerful!

The total number of people who use
YouTube – 1,300,000,000.

300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute!

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day.

The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month 3.25 billion.

The average number of YouTube and mobile video views per day is 1,000,000,000

The average video viewing session on YouTube lasts more than 40 minutes

Do you know what these stats and
demographics suggest?

Using YouTube for your business can be the most cost-effective way to grow it, if you incorporate it as a part of your marketing strategy.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, and there is no way you should be missing this huge Video Marketing platform!

If you’re not building authority on YouTube, starting now can be life-changing for your business.

What Is Your Share Of
The YouTube Pie?

So why is that even though there are 5 billion video views daily on YouTube, your videos get so few videos?

Nothing is wrong with the videos you are creating. I bet you’ve seen videos not even half as good as yours ranking better, getting more traffic than you, while you’re wondering… “What the hell is he doing different?”

The difference is – Authority. It’s really simple on YouTube. You’ll rank better and you’ll get more traffic if you have better authority.

Sadly, it's a top guarded secret of the most successful video marketing players. If you can leverage that secret, you will get not thousands, but millions of views a month, and they can be yours.

YouTube Authority…
Is Positioning & Consistency

It’s not about getting readymade content, nor is your optimization going to run on autopilot, but what I will do for you is give you a software and a system that will help you create high authority channels effortlessly.

It will equip you with everything to create and place right content at the right place, in the hottest niches and will turn your audience as well as your competition’s audience into your engaged and loyal subscribers.

I am talking about channels that lead the niche, break the bank, make a killing… Basically just make you a lot of money.

Channels that so far you’ve only looked at and wondered and prayed that somehow you get the secret that lets you create something like that. Well now you have it.

Want To Win?

Go Beyond The Obvious With The Most Result
Driven Software And Strategy

If you do what everybody else is doing, you’re going to get what remains when everyone else is done.

What you need to do is go beyond the obvious. Reach out beyond what everyone has grasped and utilize the most effective authority building YouTube software and strategy.

Channel Authority Builder

The Most Powerful YouTube Channel Profit
Crunching Software

There’s only one of you, right? All of your available hours are already spent taking care of your existing operations. It’s not surprising that you are not feeling ready to take on a new opportunity, no matter how tempting it seems.

Channel Authority Builder fixes that. It automates optimizing your video channel and building an endless stream of YouTube profits, so you don’t have to spend all your time and efforts struggling to create successful YouTube channels that don’t just get hundreds but millions of views and loyal subscribers.

It is the most powerful ranking, traffic generating and authority building system that has been ever created for YouTube.

Grow Authority For Multiple Channels

Channel Authority Builder gives you the power to not just manage and grow a channel, but a slew of multiple YouTube channels all from a single interface, in few easy clicks.

Not only that, it totally automates all the repetitive tasks and makes all the data you need available right at your fingertips.

Your YouTube channel is going to be more than exponentially more profitable when you have Channel Authority Builder working for you

You’re Just One Change Away From
Niche-Dominating Channels!

Here’s what this software will do for you

Unlock the most powerful traffic source on YouTube which exceeds search by 800%.

Tell you what content to create to get maximum free organic views

Save your time and money spent on wrong content and useless SEO that brings no results.

Channel Authority Builder makes it ridiculously easy to get targeted traffic, millions of views and profits from the hottest social media network.

Don’t believe our words.

Watch The Channel Authority
Builder Demo

Get It Now & You'll Also Get Exclusive Authority Building Training

This course has the complete roadmap to YouTube authority system that shows you how to create high-value, authority YouTube channels that get organic traffic not in hundreds, but hundreds of thousands views every day.

100% Exclusive YouTube Authority Creation Training

Claim Your Success Marketer!

YouTube is a big traffic source that you must utilize no matter what your
niche is. It’s time to claim free organic traffic!

Video Marketers

There is no simpler, more direct, and credible way to display information and build credibility through video content. Upload your video contenton YouTube and put Channel Authority Builder to optimize your channel to make it the top YouTube channel in your niche!

Content Marketers

Got a blog or a video channel? Channel Authority Builder can be the key to build traffic and rankings, putting your blog right where you wish to see it At the top!

Offline Businesses

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the bus if you’re not at the top on YouTube and Google search results. Channel Authority can help you get quality traffic and better rankings spanning just a couple of weeks!

Social Media Marketers

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the bus if you’re not at the top on YouTube and Google search results. Channel Authority can help you get quality traffic and better rankings spanning just a couple of weeks!

Channel Authority Builder Is The
Only Tool Of Its Kind

You’ve see keyword optimizing tools, backlink tools, but nothing that addresses the biggest traffic generator - Authority. Channel Authority Builder is the only tool that does that. There’s nothing else in the market even remotely similar

Video Marketers

No need to log into any third-party website and share your accounts or stats.

Biggest set of features

There’s no other tool in this market that has the range of features and unrivalled capabilities that Channel Authority Builder has.

Designed for hands free automation

Set it up and with just 10-15 minutes of calibration and recalibration work, you are set for YouTube profits and a formidable YouTube channel authority.

100% safe

Compliant with YouTube API.

Complete reporting

gives you the details on each action that Channel Authority takes.

You’ve Never Seen Any Other YouTube Marketing Software Do This

Channel Authority Builder is built using the experience and the insights from top YouTube marketers. People who’ve actually built those million+ view channels. That’s why it gives you features that you’ve never seen anywhere else

Dashboard shows you an overall view of your niche. Telling you quickly what’s new and happening.

Monitor Keywords
Monitor rankings for selected keywords and see how you and your competition move.

Channel Statistics
See the stats for your own channels and the channels of your competitors in one easy list.

Competitor Videos
See the latest videos from your competition and their viewership stats.

Related Videos Sidebar
Monitor Sidebars of videos and see how your rankings there change.

Topics Trending Now
Spot the latest trends in your market and get massive traffic by riding them

Videos Trending Now
Find out which videos are suddenly getting more popular so that you can target the same topics.

To Get More Traffic With The Most
Social Media Platform

You Need To Change What You Do

It’s Time To Unlock New Profit Opportunities & Grab
Millions Of Views From Everywhere

Get In While The Going Is Still
Fun & Profitable

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

Marketing is about being smart and selecting the right selling opportunities. You know things are becoming tougher.

So, who’s going to dominate YouTube?

The one who gets there and charts a course before anyone else.

Once you get YouTube authority right, it will work for you forever even as newer entrants struggle to get a foothold. You’re going to be the master of your niche.

So, start building YouTube authority today. It may very well be the single thing that helps your video marketing business take the leap to the next level. Do it even if you have to do it manually, with no help and no automation. Do it because it matters to your business.

It’s just so much easier when you have some help.

Don’t Let The Biggest Traffic & Earnings Opportunity Walk By You

Don’t let your competition take all of the massive video traffic while you just watch.

Don’t let hot trends and topics that can get you thousands or even tens of thousands of views go untapped and unnoticed

Don’t let a wrong selection of videos and positioning ruin your chances to go big on YouTube.

Don’t let your videos be consigned to the bottom of search results cause they are optimized wrong.

Don’t let others dominate top-video sidebars and take away all the traffic they generate.

Don’t let your YouTube earnings and profits dwindle because your marketing strategy is broken.

Get Authority & Traffic That Just Doesn't Stop

Get more traffic by being able to create videos targeting the latest new trends and topics.

Get traffic from ‘Related videos’ by targeting the top videos and videos that appear on their sidebars.

Get tactics from the fast-growing and successful channels in your niche without spending hours researching.

Get more traffic from new & suddenly popular trends and topics by always knowing what’s hot now.

Get a powerful video content strategy because you’ll always know what videos are actually working all across YouTube.

Get faster growth and dominate niches that you didn’t imagine you could through powerful Authority based strategy.

Perfect For Your Personal
YouTube Marketing

Create up to 2 projects
Monitor up to 10 YouTube channels
Monitor up to 30 keywords
Check sidebars for up to 50 videos
Find up to 50 related channels for any channel
Monitor up to 50 YouTube channels
Get 10 trends for your niche every day

Need More Projects & Channels?
Buy Elite & Find Upgrade Inside

Get Millions of Views With The
Most Powerful Video Optimization
Strategy & System

Get Your Channel Authority Builder Copy Now

Channel Authority Builder
Channel Authority Builder 2 ELITE Monthly
Channel Authority Builder
Channel Authority Builder 2 ELITE Lifetime

Supports up to 5 channels per account
(Need more? You’ll be able to upgrade to unlimited after you buy)

It’s Insane To Give Up Opportunity To Dominate YouTube

Still On The Edge

Your Investment Is SAFE

100% Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Risk Free

Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

Here’s our guarantee!

Buy Livecaster, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just us know within 30 days through a support ticket at and we will refund you 100% of the money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this run on a Mac?

A. It is designed for Windows and will run best on a Windows based PC. Will run on Mac only with a virtualization platform like Parallels.

Q. Does this put my YouTube account at peril?

A. No. This software is 100% compliant with YouTube norms. Just make sure you follow YouTube guidelines and that should take care of everything.

Q. Will it take too much of my time?

A. No, it gives you easy ways to do all the common tasks. Just switch it on and let it work. It can continue in the background while you focus on other things. Monitoring and calibrating a few minutes every day is all you need.

Q. I need more accounts and boards, can I add them?

A. On this page, we have the Elite version of Channel Authority Builder which allows you limited accounts. If you want unlimited, you can get the upgrade which will be available inside if you buy the Elite version.

Q. Will you update this software and make sure it keeps working?

A. Yes, we maintain our software religiously and make sure it stays up to date with tech. Expect it to have even more features and capabilities as time goes. We will certainly update and extend it.

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