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Tom Fragale

       This will help me build my channel even bigger. I use Teknikforce’s tools already, and my channel has grown from 1000 subscribers a year ago to over 4400 now. I really like Teknikforce’s products.

Tom Fragale

Robin Carlisle

   Love Teknikforce’s stuff. Always provides more than expected, way more than necessary. His chart showing that 87% of his traffic for one of his niche channels comes from 'Suggested Videos' is the biggest eye-opener I've ever seen regarding sources of YT traffic

Robin Carlisle

Abhi Dwivedi

I've used channel authority builder on my own channel and it helped me unlock secrets that now get me thousands of views daily on my kids youtube channel. highly recommended if you want to make youtube work for yourself

Abhi Dwivedi

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YouTube Authority Is All About Positioning

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Here’s a question. What do the best YouTube channels on the Internet have in common?

They target authority, not rankings.

Sounds weird, right? It’s 100% true. The top YouTube channels don’t rely on keyword research to power their traffic. It’s a tactic suitable only for beginners.

What the top YouTubers are doing, is building authority. This gets them to places where ranking can never get you. On the Sidebar of other popular videos, in Trending videos section and in Suggested videos.

You want that? It’ll open a floodgate of traffic. You’ll have more traffic than you can use.

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With Channel Authority Builder, a powerful software system that we have spent years perfecting, you will get the exact same strategies and techniques that helped us build channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

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